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We analyze your website in detail to give you every competitive edge possible!

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Data Driven Analysis

Are you looking to rank higher for your website? Are you looking to gain more traffic and thus more clients through search engines such as google? Here at Digital Media Victoria, we will perform a detailed analysis of your website to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your business’s current online presence and make recommendations based on our experience with successful websites. Our goal is to develop a data based plan to help you succeed.

Your website’s ranking and presence is critical to your business’s success in this day and age. Through our detailed audit we will not only analyze your website’s performance metrics, but also those of your competitors. From this we can determine what can be done to rank higher than your competition and gain more visitors to your digital site. We will then make recommendations that will help you out-compete your competitors in ranking higher and gaining more clients.

Metrics that Help You Rank

We look at metrics including site speed, ease of use, keyword analysis, site authority, site trust, word count and more to come up with a detailed report on what can be done to make your online presence more competitive and outrank your competitors. We use a variety of the best tools in the industry to help you gain the upperhand when it comes to online visibility and outranking other businesses.

From personal experience, we understand every business requires its own custom solutions. We also understand a lot of this information may be overwhelming. This is why we will work with you and communicate to you what all the metrics mean, what their importance is, and how we can work towards the best custom solutions for your business to succeed. We want you to feel comfortable to ask any questions you have throughout the process.