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We Are Here To Assist Your Digital Campaign

Perhaps you already have some experience in building websites or have an existing website you want some advice in. We are happy to help complement your skillset with our experience, knowledge, and tools. If you feel you are able to do most of the leg work, then why not benefit from our proven ability to improve your web presence more. With our consulting services for your digital media, we answer any questions you may have and give advice from our expert opinion.

Avoid having to learn the hard way and benefit from our experience. A major mistake can set your website sometimes permanently. Doing things that are against Google’s terms of service can get your site flagged and delisted, permanently. Penalties that cause your site to drop in ranks can take weeks or months to recover, if ever. The general internet can be very unclear about these rules with some charlatans promoting dangerous and risky behaviors while others caution against them. Therefore it is vitally important to know what to do and what not to do before pressing the trigger on any changes in your digital presence.

What's included in SEO Consulting?

We will do a detailed website audit and determine the strengths and areas that need improvement. We will then make recommendations on changes that you can make based on our experience and knowledge of the landscape as well as explaining the reasoning behind such recommendations.

We help you develop a general SEO strategy to bring various elements together such as your web page, social media, google my business, blog campaigns, and so forth. The idea is to have an overall coherent strategy more efficient and effective than the sum of all its parts.

We do a keyword analysis of the marketplace including your competition to see which keywords are worth pursuing in the short and long term as well as develop strategies around these to ensure you are meeting users’ search intents. We want Google to know what your business and website is about while keeping within their rules about spamming keywords. We help you build content around keywords that flows naturally and well and has great end user satisfaction as well.

We help you build authority and trust through credible backlinks that are especially useful for localSEO, which is what any local business in Victoria BC should focus on in their digital marketing campaign. With Google increasingly competent and focused on fighting spam, we help you navigate away from spammy links that can get you penalized. We will advise you on the importance of coherence in any link building campaign as well as pace and stability.

We advise on any deficiencies and improvements needed for your overall web design to ensure it meets google’s standards, optimizes SEO performance, as well as tangible ways to measure and improve user experience so that your conversion rate can go up and google can recognize that user intent is being met.