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A Great Website is Starts with a Great Look

Your website is the first impression many people in Victoria BC will gain of your business. It will also be the main portal through which people decide whether or not they wish to get to know you better and do business with you. It is greatly important then to have a website that is easy to navigate, intuitive to use for people of all ages, takes accessibility in in mind such as vision difficulties, and be overall attractive to the eye. Not understanding the minute necessities of website design can cause people who have reached your website to quickly turn away, either in frustration or confusion.

If someone is struggling to find what they are looking for, because there are buttons everywhere or perhaps nowhere at all, they will leave. If your navigation menu is too convoluted or confusing and not intuitive, people will leave. If someone is unable to read what you’re about because your text is too small, they will leave. If the content is not arranged in an attractive way such as having giant blocks of text with no photos, it can seem overwhelming and also cause people to leave. Generally, we want people to have a good feeling when they visit your website and to quickly and easily find what they are looking for. We want your website to have a good user experience.

But A Great Website Keeps SEO In Mind

At the same time as providing excellent user experience, we always keep in mind incorporating elements into the design and build of websites that will help your site rank. After all, user experience matters not if there are no users to begin with. Therefore, we use our experience ranking websites in Victoria BC to incorporate important elements into your website build from the ground up. This means among other things, have the right content strategy, incorporating important keywords, optimized load speeds, excellent word count, high quality pages, good quantity of pages, and many more.

How We Help Your Website Rank

When building your website, we look at what the important keywords are in your industry. We study competitors and determine which keywords are easy, which are hard, which might see quick results, which are worth pursuing long term, and so forth. We build a content strategy and general layout based on some of these factors and incorporate good useful content into your website build so that it all flows naturally and has good usability.  This is just one example of the things we do to help optimize your website design and build.

Google and other search engines are able to determine how useful your website is to your intended users by measuring metrics such as how long someone stays on your website, how many pages they look at before leaving, whether or not they contacted you, how well your website loads, what kind of content your website has, what industry your business is in, and all sorts of info. By using the same metrics and data provided to us, we are able to tweak and optimize these performance metrics to best make competitive your digital presence.