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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most important pillars of your online web presence. It is an ever evolving and increasingly competitive set of metrics that search engines such as google use to decide where to rank you. By “optimizing” your website and all the important metrics that google looks for, you maximize the probability of being placed on the front page of search results. This ensures you get more clients, more visibility, and a stronger brand from repeated brand recognition. SEO is something that must be done at the very beginning as perhaps the most integral part of any digital marketing campaign as well as being an ongoing process.

Why is SEO Important for Your Business?

A good SEO strategy means maximizing the likelihood of being seen by potential clients. Having your business be on the first few results is akin to having a nonstop ad on the front page of your local newsprint. With more people being online and turning to google to meet their various needs, having that visibility becomes the most important way to attracting new clients as well as build brand recognition. Without good SEO, you and your business are completely invisible to the vast majority of the people of Victoria BC. A strong SEO strategy as part of a greater marketing campaign means you’re coming out strong right out of the gate. Maintaining that SEO strategy means a solid long term investment in your online property. Everyone knows the saying “Location Location Location”. In the non virtual world, this means being in a big mall, or on a busy street. In the digital world, this means being on the front page. In fact, the number 1 result on a google search receive approximately 1/3rd of ALL traffic. In comparison, the last result on the first page receive about 2%. If you are on page 3 onwards, you might as well be invisible. Think about when the last time you scrolled that far in a google result when looking for a local service or product?

Competitive SEO For Your Business

We incorporate our experience in successfully ranking website as well as all the tools we’ve picked up along the way to give you the best chance for success as quickly as possible. We understand and keep up to date with all the latest changes in the SEO world to make your online presence competitive but also maintain and build on these strengths. One would never stop in the middle of a race because they were ahead for the moment.

To help you rank high, we look at your current online presence as well as those of your competitors. We look at which areas need to be worked on to tell search engines such as google that your web presence is more valuable to potential clients and more useful than your competition. By continuously sending these signals to search engines, we steadily build on these advantages, which over time leads to favorable outcomes. Through being better than competitors in all the numerous metrics that search engines measure, we build advantage upon advantage, lead upon lead, which over time, snowballs into significant movement and favorable results.