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What is Mobile Optimized Content?

Depending on your niche and industry, around half of all your traffic to your web pages will be via mobile with most of it coming from phones. This presents certain challenges from the perspective of content creators. The screen is far narrower while text sizes remain more or less the same. The format of your webpage completely changes from its appearance on a desktop PC. Mobile internet in Canada and Victoria BC is generally slower than what is available to a “regular” computer at home or work. Having your website Mobile Optimized means that your content remains easy to navigate, is pleasant to the eye, and loads easily and quickly for the tablet and smartphone audience.

Why is Mobile Device Targeted Content Important?

Many websites including those of your competitors will still be built for a primarily traditional computer market. This is often due to their age and neglect. By having content that is mobile friendly, you are gaining a real competitive advantage over many competitors in terms of user experience and interface. If half of your potential clientele goes to your website and is unable to make sense of the jumbo of pictures and text, they will leave and you lose half of your market. This is unacceptable and negligent.

Mobile Friendly is SEO Friendly

Search engines such as Google is now increasingly aware of the importance of mobile browsing and have thus incorporated this into their ranking systems. Being mobile friendly is now part of the criteria that Google uses when deciding on how to rank your business. This trend is expected to continue as mobile users continue to increase their share of the browsing market. To remain and stay competitive, you must update your websites to become user friendly to mobile users.

What we do in this regard is look at formatting, ensuring your content can easily be scrolled through, read, and navigate for tablets and smartphones. We also look at significantly reducing your load speed through various tools at our disposal as this is one of the key metrics Google now uses to gauge user friendliness for mobile users. Google’s intent is always to give their users the best experience possible and that includes pages that load quickly, even on a 3G connection with possible throttling. We help your website be among the most competitive in these important metrics in order to show Google we are able to deliver great experiences to users. In return, Google will reward your site with stronger rankings, more visibility, and more traffic.