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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is probably one of the most crucial aspects of a successful digital marketing campaign for a local business in Victoria BC. Rather than focusing on competing with a national or global company like Shaw or Microsoft, we are focusing on the immediate areas surrounding your business. Specifically we are aiming to help you out-compete your immediate competitors in Victoria BC. We want to ensure you gain the most visibility and clients in your neighborhood and also in the Greater Victoria region.

Why is Local SEO Important?

Whether you are a barber, a dentist, or a daycare, pretty much all of your clientele will be from the surrounding areas. Your biggest competitors will also be from your immediate areas. Google and other search engines understands this. As a result there are different criteria that helps your business rank and gain visibility when it comes to local SEO than from “regular” or “global” SEO. By targeting these specific criteria, we will help your business become more competitive and be more efficient in our approach.

Building Trust and Authority

One of the biggest factors when it comes to ranking locally is to establish trust and authority in your area of expertise. This means that search engines such as google needs to trust that you are a legitimate business, that you are a trusted member of the local community, that you know what you’re doing. Search engines want to know you are an authoritative voice on the area of business you are conducting before they start showing you to the general public. They do not want anyone to start a random website or business who then end up misleading the public.

Through our understanding and experience of important factors such as trust and authority, we help your website streamline its approach in building these attributes especially in the eyes of google so that you will start ranking higher faster. By establishing higher trust, authority, and other signals that search engines look for, we will help you rank higher than your competitors and be more visible.