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Ranking on Google Maps

Ranking well on google maps is an often overlooked part of a digital marketing campaign. However, it is critically important to your business and confers major advantages in gaining clients and exposure. Whenever a search is conducted on google for a service, the first results that pop up, even before the #1 ranked result, is google maps. Therefore it is the first thing a potential client sees before anything else.

Why is Google Maps Important?

Most new clients will have a need for a service but not know who or where you are. Google maps allows these potential clients to quickly locate solutions to their problems, i.e. you, while also letting know exactly where you are. When was the last time you saw people using phone books to look for businesses nearby? More and more people are increasingly using google maps to find solutions that are close and convenient to them. Whether it’s on the maps app or in the general search section, gaining visibility in this realm is the difference between whether a potential customer knows your business even exists.

Working with Google to Gain You Visibility

We understand what factors are required in helping your website rank not only in the normal search results but also in google maps. We work within these factors to send strong signals to google so that you are seen as the best choice for people who are looking for services you offer. In doing so, we help you outrank your nearby competitors and become more visible.

Here at Digital Media Victoria, we understand that this is an ongoing process that needs to be maintained in order to keep your listing competitive. We regularly update your online presence to ensure continued signals are sent to google of the desirability of your business and its high value. By sending the right signals to search engines continuously, we present the base possible light on your business in their eyes and maximize your ability to outshine your competitors.

Further Advantages of Ranking Local

When ranking well on google maps, it ensures more and more of your clients are local and often with many from your immediate area. This means increased conversion rates as well as increased likelihood of return business since people overwhelmingly tend to favor service businesses that are within their local area. Thus by ranking well locally, your business gains significant efficiency in terms of client acquisition and retention. If you are a traveling business such as a plumber, it means you waste far less time and gas driving to the other end of town.