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Here’s the short answer: It depends. Industry averages are from 3 months to 2 years. If anyone promises results like ranking #1 in so and so weeks, 100% of the time they are a scammer.

The long answer is that it depends on a variety of factors including how competitive the environment is, how much resources you want to throw at it, the industry, the platform, and how much work you’re willing to put into it yourself.

Ultimately to rank high, you have to push someone else down. To do this you need to be superior to them in google’s and other search engine’s eyes over a period of time and over many factors.

Ranking higher on one search engine can be easier or harder than on another. Ranking high on google maps can be easier or harder than ranking in the general search lists.

The more work put into it, the faster things will happen. This requires more initial investment in both time and money. In terms of help from the you the business owner, obviously if you are a pharmacist, you are the expert in our relationship when it comes to pharmacies and we would need to refer to such an expertise. Often this can involve in writing short articles on the subject matter. Thus the more help from you in these areas, the better the results as well.

This one is easier to answer. Generally speaking, you can expect to see some result within 3-6 months. By using various avenues of attack, we can see results from certain strategies before others. This can alleviate any anxiety as well as cashflow issues.

This answer depends on what services you are expecting as well as how quickly. We can do twice as much work for twice as much money or have it spread out. It’s up to you. Generally speaking, marketing is not a cheap service and it is a good investment, assuming you find someone who can actually deliver. When it comes to online marketing and building businesses in general, you have to think long term: It’s a marathon not a sprint.

With more and more people switching to using services like google on their phones, tablets, and desktop computers, having an online presence is becoming the only way people can find you at all. Having a strong online presence means having exposure and having that foot in the door. From there you can rely on word of mouth but you first need to have that foot in the door. Ranking on google and google maps is THE way in at this moment in time.

Unlike traditional advertising such as print media, when people search online they already have the intention of buying from someone a service or good. This means more efficient and better conversion rates for you compared to sending flyers where the majority of people will be annoyed and not looking for your services or goods to begin with, not to mention the very high cost of a single delivery.

Generally speaking, global SEO is for people who want to run an ecommerce site, a blog network with affiliates, that kind of a thing. They are targetting anyone on the internet not just Canadians and not just people of Victoria BC. Local SEO is for small businesses like your local barber or family restaurant who want to attract people from the local city or neighborhood.