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Content is King in SEO

Or so they say. This is an oft quoted saying in the realm of digital marketing. While it may an exaggeration to claim that content is everything, it is very important. Good content needs to be relevant, easy to digest, convey a desired message such as that of authority on a subject matter, and avoid breaking rules and standards that Google has imposed such as avoiding spam. Good content should incorporate desired keywords in order for search engines to recognize what your site is about but without overdoing it to the point of triggering the spam filters.

Good content also means your human users are happy with what they are seeing. They are at your site for a reason. It is generally in your best interest to serve whatever that reason may be. This means having a friendly user interface that is easy on the eyes, avoids overwhelming blocks of text, is easily understood even by a 5th grader, and answers the queries your users may have.

Strong Content Means Rankings

By incorporating relevant content into your website, we encourage Google’s bots to recognize what your site and business is about and where your authority lies. We do this with regular, relevant, user friendly content, based on our experience and market research in the industry. We embed strategically placed links, keywords, and other digital markers to let the search engine robots know clearly who to rank your site for.

At the same time, we use our design experience and market research to drive content that will engage with users whether it’s to contact your business or browse other pages on your site. We encourage user retention with solid useful content that they are looking for. We want any visitors to stay and click through as many pages as possible by making it both useful to them and as easy as possible. The content is focused on users being satisfied with load speed, usefulness, relevance, and ease of navigation.

By appealing to both the machine side and human side of our audience, we maximize your chances of gaining traffic and visibility as well as conversions into leads for visitors.